Malvern East

In the suburb of Malvern East, our clients sought to transform their home into a contemporary living space. The renovation required integrating a second story addition without compromising the home’s original charm. The key objectives were to enhance the living areas to be open plan and introduce vaulted ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms. LOCATION: EAST […]

East Melbourne

Welcome to our East Melbourne penthouse renovation project. Our expert team has transformed this beautiful residence into a luxurious haven with bespoke design, exquisite carpentry, and custom-made finishes. We strive for exceptional living spaces that stand the test of time. LOCATION: EAST MELBOURNE COMPLETED: 2023 SCOPE: RENOVATION ARCHITECT: MELANIE BEYNON This penthouse renovation project in […]


KEW Our recent home renovation in Kew, Victoria was a complete transformation of a dated, enclosed space into a modern and beautiful living environment. LOCATION: KEW COMPLETED: 2022 SCOPE: RENOVATION AND 2ND STORY EXTENSION TO A FEDERATION HOME IN KEW ARCHITECT: CRAIG ROSSETTI One of the key features of the renovation was the use of […]


ELSTERNWICK This Elsternwick residence merges the past with the present. Crafted and unique, this home combines sleek contemporary design with warm natural materials that not only compliment its surroundings, but become immersed within them. LOCATION: ELSTERNWICK COMPLETED: MAY 2022 SCOPE: RENOVATION / EXTENSION ARCHITECT: MELANIE BEYNON ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN FEATURED ON: THE LOCAL PROJECT Built […]


Toorak #2 Working with architect Rodrigo Sandoval, we were able to bring a lovely Grand Victorian built in 1890, forward into the current millennium by using a mixture of exquisite materials and careful attention to detail. LOCATION: TOORAK COMPLETED: 2021 SCOPE: RENOVATION / EXTENSION ARCHITECT: RODRIGO SANDOVAL FEATURED ON: EST. LIVING This beautiful Toorak house […]


Toorak #1 Collaborating with Melanie Beynon Architects, we transformed a tired mid-century dwelling into a contemporary family home, modernising the original structure through expert craftsmanship and the use of carefully selected, natural materials. LOCATION: TOORAK COMPLETED: 2020 SCOPE: RENOVATION ARCHITECT: MELANIE BEYNON FEATURED ON: EST. LIVING This extensive renovation transformed nearly the entire home, including […]

Toorak Old

Previous Next Toorak House This mid-century Toorak residence spanning two family generations has been given a contemporary transformation reflecting the family‚Äôs growth and aspirations for their home. ARCHITECT: MELANIE BEYON DURATION: 8 WEEKS SCOPE: RENOVATION CLIENT: PRIVATE Tor pratil unteridit. Etridem ia? Patum publius sidesse, consuntre abem hac vivilnes auciende am, sendiis. Cat vidium ciam […]