Malvern East

In the suburb of Malvern East, our clients sought to transform their home into a contemporary living space. The renovation required integrating a second story addition without compromising the home’s original charm. The key objectives were to enhance the living areas to be open plan and introduce vaulted ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms.

Maintaining the structural integrity while adding a second story to an existing building posed significant engineering and design challenges. Additionally, integrating modern materials and finishes in a way that complemented the original architecture required meticulous planning and creative problem-solving.

To meet the client’s expectations for a modern, functional home, we utilised a selection of high-end materials and innovative construction techniques:

Timber Flooring: Incorporating parquetry not only elevated the aesthetic appeal but also provided the durability needed for a family home.

Steel Doors and Windows: These elements were chosen for their modern look and their functional benefits of increased security and energy efficiency.

Marble Tops: Selected for their beauty and longevity, marble tops were used in high-impact areas like the kitchen and bathrooms.

Solid Brass Elements: The use of solid brass for the bar and island legs introduced a luxurious element that acts as a stunning centerpiece in the open-plan living area.
Micro Cement Render: This was applied in the powder room, offering a contemporary finish that is both stylish and practical.

The renovation and addition at Malvern East was a resounding success. The introduction of an open plan living area, combined with the sophisticated selection of materials, has transformed the house into a modern yet welcoming home. Vaulted ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms create expansive, light-filled spaces that enhance the overall ambiance of the property.